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1.We always round up numbers to make figures easy.

Eg. 10/3 = 3.3333. Rounding numbers to the nearest whole number 3 makes this number easy to understand.

2. Rounding numbers makes them simpler to use.

Eg. 3.33333. Is it easy to multiply 3.33333 x 5 or just 3 x 5. The latter is much easy compared to the former multiplication. We can easily write the ans as 15. But they are slightly less accurate.

3. For a considerably larger number, you need to round the number as they are comparitively much small.

Eg. Consider a large number 9,835,300.65. The value 0.65 is extremely small considered to the the neighbouring numbers (9,835,300). Here there is no need to worry about the accuracy as the value after decimal dot is comparitively small.


Round to nearest Ten, Hundred, Thousand

Round to nearest Tenth, Hundredth,Thousandth

Round the numbers to underlined digit

Frequently Asked Questions!!

1) What are rounding numbers?

Rounding numbers is to add to or subtract numbers from (altering numbers) the number to be rounded. This is done to make the figures easy for calculations. Adding numbers is rounding up and subtracting numbers is rounding down.

2) What is called rounding down of numbers?

We round numbers to the nearest ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on.
Rounding down to nearest tens.
Eg. 23- Consider the last digit 3. If the numbers falls between 1 and 4 then we need to round down numbers. Thus 23 is rounded down to 20.
Rounding down to nearest hundreds.
Eg. 428- Consider the last two digits. If the number falls between 1 and 49 then we need to round down numbers. Thus 428 is rounded down to 400.

3) What is meant by rounding decimals?

When we round decimals we consider the digits after the decimal dot. We generally round decimals to the nearest whole number or to the nearest, hundredths, thousandths, hundred thousandths and so on.
Eg. 2.6. We will follow the same rule as we followed when rounding whole numbers. 1-4, rounding down and 5-9, rounding up. So upon rounding 2.6 to the nearest tenths, it is 3. Round 56.78 to the nearest hundredth. We round up values and 56.78 becomes 56.8

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