Grade 1 Numbers Workbooks

Grade 1 Numbers Workbooks

First Grade numbers workbooks has lot of worksheets on  numbers, number names and 2 digit place value.  A lot of activities are given in these worksheets for Grade 1 kids to understand the number system and the place value of two digit numbers,  the one and tens. 1st grade kids will find all these activities easy and interesting.  

Download 1st Grade Numbers Workbooks

Workbook #1

Grade 1 kids can learn the numbers and number names from 1 to 100 using these worksheets. Match the following, Cut Paste and Missing letters activities are given for the kids to enable them to understand and learn them easily.

Workbook #2

2-digit place value worksheets for Grade 1, teach children the place value of 2- digit numbers, ones and tens. They would learn to count ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ using base ten blocks.  A lot of exercises are given for practice.

Workbook #3

In this place value workbooks, you have a variety of activities and worksheets to write numbers in expanded form and compact form. A clear understanding on the numbers and placevalue concepts are achieved.

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