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Angles are an interesting, easy and yet an important topic in Geometry. Angles worksheets show you the easiest method to name angles, understand the types of angles, measure them, concepts of complementary and supplementary angles, and all about linear pairs of angle and transversal angles. All the definitions on angles are emphasized on our charts which are free and easy to print. You can download all the worksheets in PDF format.


Use the charts and worksheets here to name and represent angles in different ways. Remember the terms vertex and arms of an angle. Concepts of interior and exterior points of measuring of angles have been discussed and exercises on all the above mentioned skills are given for practice.


In these worksheets, we shall discuss and work on different types of angles. The classification of angles are based on their magnitude. The magnitude is noted in degrees. You will be familiar with all the above mentioned concepts once you print and practice the worksheets given here.

Measuring angles in clockwise and anticlockwise direction using a protractor (mathematical tool) is the main skill emphasized here for grade 5 and 6 students. In the next page, the procedures to measure angles in both ways are shown. Learn to measure an angle in these worksheets.


We will review the basics of complementary and supplementary angles in these free printable worksheets. Practice problems to find the complement and supplement of angles, to find the measure of the missing angles, solve simple linear equations to find angles and word problems.


Worksheets for grade 6 through grade 8 students in this section have problems exclusively on adjacent, vertically opposite and linear pairs of angles. Also, angles on a straight line concept are emphasized. You will solve different equations to find the value of missing angles.

Frequently Asked Questions!!

1. Are angles of Rhombus equal?

The opposite angles of a rhombus are equal and the sum of two adjacent angles formed is equal to 180 degrees.

2. What are the different types of angles?

The different types of angles are:
      1. Acute angle- Less than 90°
      2. Right angle- 90°
      3. Obtuse angle- Greater than 90°; less than 180°
      4. Straight angle- Exactly 180°
      5. Reflex angle- Greater than 180°; less than 360°

3. What is an angle in geometry?

Two rays meeting at a common end point form an angle. An angle can be measured in degrees using a protractor.

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