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The previous sets of worksheets are on complementary and supplementary pairs of angles.

Now, we will learn more pairs of angles for grade 6 to grade 8 like linear, vertically opposite and adjacent angles here. Before you know all these pairs of angles there is another important concept which is called ‘angles on a straight line’. The sum of angles on a straight line is 180 degree. Thus, any number of angles on a straight line amounts to 180 degree.

Other pairs of angles in simple words:

  1. Vertically opposite angles:

Vertical angles or vertically opposite angles are opposite angles formed when two lines intersect each other. Thus, two pairs of opposite angles are formed when two lines intersect. Here, the pair of opposite angles are equal. Refer the figure given below for clear understanding.

  1. Adjacent angles:

    Two angles are said to be adjacent, if they have a common vertex and a common arm. The angles should not overlap which means the other arms are lying on the opposite side of the common arm.

  2. Linear pair of angles:

Two adjacent angles whose sum is always 180 degree form a linear pair. They can also be called as supplementary angles.

All you need to do now is to just print all these worksheets and work on them. Only when you are thorough with these concepts, you can understand corresponding and alternate angles. Also, these pairs of angle are very important to find the missing measures of angles in interior and exterior angle concept.

Identify and differentiate the different pairs of angles, find the missing measure of angles, solve equations and word problems in these free pintables. Examples are shown wherever necessary.

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