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Metric units and US customary units of capacity are taught here in these free printable worksheets. The capacity of a liquid is the amount of liquid in the container. How do we measure the liquid in a container? You have learnt to measure liquid volumes from measuring cylinders, jugs, and cans. Have you noted the units in which the cylinders and cans are graduated?

To answer this we need to learn the two systems of measures, – the metric and customary units.

Metric Units of Capacity:
1. Milliliter (mL)
2. Centiliter (L)
3. Deciliter (dL)
4. Liter (L)
5. Decaliter (daL)
6. Hectoliter (hL)
7. Kiloliter (kL)
The most commonly used units are liter and milliliter.

US Customary Units of Capacity:
1. Teaspoon (tsp)
2. Tablespoon (tbsp)
3. Fluid ounce (fl.oz)
4. Cup (c)
5. Pint (pt)
6. Quart (qt)
7. Gallon (gal)

These meticulously prepared worksheets are from Grade 3 through Grade 6. Convert between units and compare different measures of volume. A conversion table is given at the start of each worksheet along with a solved eaxmple. Refer them before you practice. Print Metric unit chart and Customary unit chart and paste them for clear understanding. Download all !!!




Convert Liters (L) to milliLitres (mL)

Convert milliLiters (mL) to Litres (mL)

Convert milliLiters (mL) to Litres (mL) and vice-versa

Add / Subtract - Metric units

Add / Subtract - Customary units

Convert Metric to Customary units

Convert Customary to Metric units

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