Kindergarten Measurement Workbooks

Measurement Workbooks for Preschool & Kindergarten

Measurement workbooks for kids includes measurement of size, length and weight. Basic measurements includes understanding big, small,  heavy, light, short, long, tall, more, less quantities. Colorful worksheets are provided for the preschool and kindergarten children to learn all the basic measurement quantities with interest.

Datahandling concept is taught easily using tally marks worksheets. Tally marks are an easy way to represent information. So in these worksheets, collecting, organizing, and interpretting data would be taught. 

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Download Kindergarten Measurement Workbooks

Workbook #1

Big vs Small worksheets, Heavy vs Light worksheets, Tall vs Short worksheetsLong vs Short worksheets and More vs Less worksheets are included in this workbook.  These worksheets help the kids to identify and compare the objects based on their size

Workbook #2

Lets learn to measure length and weight of objects.  Length of objects can be measured using rulers. Similalrly weight of objects can be measured using analog and digital scales. A complete bundle for measuring length and weight are given here for elementary kids.

Workbook #3

Tally marks are a form of unary numeral system used for counting. Tally marks are an easy way to represent information. Four vertical lines are drawn and the fifth line is a diagonal line which is drawn striking all the four vertical lines. 

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