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Temperature worksheets  have numerous free PDFs for measuring temperature using Celsius scale and Fahrenheit scale, commonly called thermometers. Kelvin scale is also used to measure temperature.

Temperature is just a number. Temperature is the quantitative way to express hotness or coldness. Thus temperature is measured using a thermometer.

Celsius is denoted as  ℃ .  Eg. 38℃   45℃
Fahrenheit is denoted as ℉  Eg. 112℉  96℉

To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
(0℃ x 9/5) + 32
1℃ = 32℉

To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
(0℃ -32) x 5/9

Kelvin scale is called the absolute scale
 0℃ = 273.15 K
Eg. Boiling point of water is 100℃
So it is 100 + 273.15 K = 373.15 K

Simple worksheets to different hot and cold worksheets are given for download. Conversion worksheets on Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin included.


Reading temperature(0 to 60) - Celsius

Reading temperature(0 to 120) - Celsius

Reading temperature(-50 to 50) - Celsius

Reading temperature(0 to 60) - Fahrenheit

Reading temperature(0 to 120) - Fahrenheit

Reading temperature(-50 to 50) - Fahrenheit

Indicate the temperature - Celsius

Indicate the temperature - Fahrenheit

Find the difference in temperatures

Rise / Fall in temperature reading

Frequently Asked Questions!!

1) Define Temperature? How is it denoted?

The measure of hotness or coldness of a substance with reference to a standard measure is called Temperature. It is simply denoted using the letter ‘T’. Eg. T= 100°C. This represents the hotness of a system.

2) What instrument is used for measuring temperature?

The most commonly used instrument for measuring temperature is the thermometer. A thermometer can be calibrated in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin scale.

3) At what temperature are Fahrenheit and Celsius the same?

Temperature and Fahrenheit are the same at -40 degrees. These two temperature scales are equal to each other which mean -40°C and -40°F are equal.

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