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Free printable estimation worksheets are given for practice to find a number which is close enough or an approximate value of a quantity or expression. For example, just by looking at the books in your shelf or the students in your class, you can approximately tell the number of  books and students. That’s the estimate you have done. This method of obtaining a close enough value of a quantity is known as estimation.

Before we start to practice these worksheets, students should be aware of rounding numbers. The round up and round down concepts should be thorough. For more familiarity, use the link given below to download free rounding worksheets.

Also estimation is done by rounding numbers to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands and ten thousands. Thus, place value of numbers also plays an important role in estimating values. For abundant practice on this topic, follow the link given below.

In these worksheets, a number of objects are shown and you need to estimate the number. Then count the actual value and see if you are close to the actual value. Calculations can be made quick and easy when we estimate numbers. Finding sum, difference, product, and quotient of numbers can be made simple when we estimate by rounding numbers to their biggest place value.

You also need to know to which number you are rounding the value to get a better estimate. For example, a 4-digit number can be rounded to the nearest hundred instead of the nearest thousand to get a better estimate. Solve these worksheets to know all these easy calculating tricks. Over 50 worksheets available for free download. Print them.


Actual count vs Estimated count

Estimate Sum/Difference (rounding to the nearest ten)

Estimate Sum / Difference (rounding to the nearest hundred)

Estimate Sum / Difference (rounding to the nearest thousand)

Estimate Sum / Difference (rounding to the nearest ten thousand)

Estimate Sum/Difference (Front end estimation method)

Estimate Product / Quotient (rounding to the nearest ten)

Estimate Product / Quotient (rounding to the nearest hundred)

Estimate Product / Quotient - MCQ

Estimating Decimals (Sum / Difference)

Estimating Decimals( Product / Quotient)

Estimating Fractions (Sum / Difference)

Estimating Fractions (Product / Quotient)

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