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Counting and Cardinality page here has 20 worksheets. Colorful objects are used in each worksheet. Counting and writing and matching objects are given. Cut – Paste activity is included. The last four worksheets are to determine the number of objects in each kind and to write them down. Print all these free worksheets and practice them all.


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Frequently Asked Questions!!

1) What is a cardinal number?

All natural numbers can be called cardinal numbers. Eg. 1 to infinity. Cardinality refers to the number of elements in a set. Suppose there are 21 students in the classroom, the cardinality is 21. The final count of the set represents the quantity.

2) What does a cardinal number tell us?

A cardinal number tells us ‘how many’ kinds of something is present in a set. How many is the quantity. Consider a basket that holds 3 Apples and 5 oranges. How many oranges are in the basket? Its 3. That is cardinality.

3) How is cardinal number different from ordinal number?

All natural numbers are cardinal numbers, 1 to infinity. Cardinality refers to the number of elements in a set. Ordinal numbers gives us the exact position of something in a list. It can be first, second, twenty fourth, or sixty seventh.

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