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After learning numbers and counting, kids should learn how to compare numbers. In these free printable worksheets, various skills and activities emphasize comparing numbers using the greater than, lesser than and equal to symbol. Download worksheets for practice and upon practice, children would easily understand the similarity and dissimilarity between numbers.


Compare and color the correct symbol

Count the number of objects and fillup

Use the correct symbol and compare

Use the base ten blocks and compare

Compare using See - Saw theme

Frequently Asked Questions!!

1) Explain how to compare numbers?

We compare numbers to find the greater or smaller number. We also compare two math statements to check if they are equal. Thus numbers are compared as greater than, lesser than and equal to.

2) What is the symbol used for number comparison?

To compare numbers, use the greater than symbol ‘>’, lesser than symbol ‘<’ and the equal to ‘=’ symbol. Eg. 9 is greater than 7 (9 > 7), 12 is lesser than 74 (12 < 74).

3) What is the quick way to compare numbers?

The easiest way to compare numbers is to sort them in ascending or descending order. Ascending is sorting from least to the greatest and descending is sorting from the greatest to least.

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