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Worksheets on weight are designed according to common core standards for elementary kids. Children would understand terms like big, small, huge, bulk, heavy, light, weightless, when they compare and estimate the objects shown in these colorful worksheets and activities. 

Metric and US Customary units are included in this section. A detailed chart teaches the relationship between each unit which is necessary for conversions. Exercises on physical balance, spring balance, digital balance, pointer weigh scale concepts are given in these worksheets. Also, for every object shown, estimate its weight. You can take the help of real life objects used at home. Eg. A tomato, a ball, a dairy, and many more articles.

The next time you take your kids to a grocery store or a super market, they will definitely read the weight scale if they had practised all these worksheets. So enjoy practicing them and make your kids accompany you the next time you go on a purchase.


Weight measurement - Charts

Ordering weight (light to heavy)

Cut Paste activity - light / heavy

Measure the weights (Customary)

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