Learning Numbers Workbooks – Preschool and Kindergarten

Learning Numbers and Number Names - Kindergarten

Learn what Numbers are and how to use them. Colorful number charts given here includes numbers upto 5,10, 20 and 100. Attractive number names charts are given for easy understanding and learning.

Counting and Comparing of numbers are also learnt easily. Refer the below individual worksheets also:





Download Kindergarten Numbers Workbooks

Workbook #1

Learning numbers is an important step in Kid’s education. This workbook comprises number charts upto 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 which would help the kids learn and grasp the numbers fast. Partial number charts are also given for practice.

Workbook #2

Number name is the method of representing numbers in words.Learning number names will be easy and enjoyable with these attractive worksheets. Lot of interesting activities are given for practice which helps the kids to learn the numbers and their names easily.

Workbook #3

Counting numbers is an important skill for children. They learn to determine the quantity or total number of items in a group or set. Lot of theme-based worksheets are compiled and given. Count how many items are in each kind and record your answers in these free downloadable workbook.

Workbook #4

Comparing numbers help kids to identify the similarity or dissimilarity between numbers. Children will learn to compare numbers using the symbols greater than(>), lesser than(<) and equal to(=). Interesting activities are included in these worksheets.

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