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Reading comprehension worksheets for grade 4 and 5 have a number of passages, where kids are alllowed to the read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow. They get an opportunity to evaluate facts and data, predict, compare and give reasons to question ‘why’. 

These worksheets absolutely enhance the reading and writing skills of your kids. You can also use them as listening worksheets. Parents or teachers can read each passage to kids, ask them questions based on what you have read to test your kids listening skills. Verbal and written skills steadily improve upon constant reading and writing. That is why we have prepared these comprehension worksheets. 

Interesting concept has been used for each worksheet. They are colorful as well. Print these free worksheets and try them to grasp as much information as you can. Answers in the answer key are written in complete sentences which would encourage kids to speak and write whole sentence instead of just one word replies. With the question sheet, you can also download the answer key.


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