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Symmetry is an easy and important concept which can be introduced to grade 4 kids. Symmetry worksheets here make kids understand that a line dividing an object or image into two equal halves, is known as line of symmetry and these split shapes are called symmetrical shapes. The split halves are mirror images

Figures which cannot be divided into two equal halves (same size and shape) or which does not have a line of symmetry are asymmetrical figures.

Do all objects have only one line of symmetry?
Consider different 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes and try drawing their line or lines of symmetry.

The answer is no. Not all shapes have only one line of symmetry. There are few objects which have two lines of symmetry. These objects can be divided into two equal halves in two ways.

More than two lines of symmetry
Some figures have more than two lines of symmetry, which means they can be split into equal size and shape in more than two ways. The below shown examples are figures which exhibit three and more lines of symmetry.

Worksheets on Reflection symmetry are included here. Once familiar with symmetry, reflection symmetry is easy to deal with. These printable worksheets have practice pages to identify the line of symmetry, symmetrical and asymmetrical objects, counting the number of lines of symmetry, drawing the other half or the mirror image of the symmetrical object, cut- paste activity and much more. Download all and practice to the fullest.


Lines of symmetry - Real life objects

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