Kindergarten Geometry Workbooks

Geometry Workbooks for Kindergarten

Geometry workbooks includes worksheets for kids which help them learn the basic and standard shapes. 2-D shapes and 3-D shapes are well differentiated with lot of colorful pictures and activities.

Properties of 2-D shapes – square, circle, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram,rhombus,  trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon and 3-D shapes – cube, cuboid, cone, sphere, cylinder, hemisphere, triangular prism are given clearly for good understanding.

These kindergarten math printable worksheets on geometric shapes can be downloaded and practiced with great fun!!!

Download Kindergarten Geometry Workbooks

Workbook #1

2-D is two dimension. Here in these 2D worksheets, children will first learn the properties of each shape which helps them to identify without any confusion. Ample coloring, matching and cutting-glueing activities can be easily downloaded. Print all these free worksheets for practice.

Workbook #2

Shapes that can be measured in 3 directions (the x, y and z axis) are called 3- Dimensional Shapes. They are also called Solid objects. Kids will learn to identify all the 3- D shapes, the properties of each shape and practice exercises to know the faces, edges and vertices of those shapes

Workbook #3

Composing is combining or joining two or more shapes to form a new shape. Decomposing, as the name implies, is the splitting or breaking a shape into two or more shapes. Free worksheets on composing and decomposing shapes would definitely give elementary kids a clear understanding.

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