Grade 1 Measurement Worksheets

Grade 1 Measurement Workbooks

First Grade Measurement Workbooks cover Length, Time and Pictographs. Measurement of length using rulers are practiced in these worksheets. Measuring time using analog and digital clocks are taught in an easy way. Data handling is handled using Pictographs.

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Download 1st Grade Measurement Workbooks

Workbook #1

Grade 1 Measurement Workbook #1 includes measurement of length worksheets with comparing objects based on their size, measuring length in millimeter, centimeter and inches using ruler, beads and ribbon

Workbook #2

Grade 1 Measurement Workbook #2 includes time measurement worksheets. Reading time in analog and digital clocks and drawing hands for hour and half-hour. Interesting activities are given.

Workbook #3

Workbook #3 includes Pictographs which is a method of graphical representation of data using figures or symbols. Interesting worksheets are given for free download. Print them and Practice.

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