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5 digit place value worksheets for Grade 4 can be also called as large digit place value of numbers as this would introduce ten thousands to us. Ten hundreds (10 x 100) make a ‘thousand’. Similarly ten thousands (10 x 1000) make ‘ten thousand’. Simple multiplication, involving multiples of ten can help to determine the value of digits in a number. Everything about the numbers starting from 10,000 to 99,999 are on your finger tips.

Lets discuss this with a simple example.

67,520 is read is as sixty seven thousand five hundred and twenty one.

The expanded form of this number is 60000 + 7000 + 500 + 20 + 0

Six ten thousands, seven thousands, 5 hundreds, 20 tens, and 0 ones.

With the place value of digits, you can form any number. Easily compose and decompose numbers. Printable charts can be used for reference. Multi- digit arithmetic operations can be performed at ease, when you master these worksheets. 

Write the number based on place value

Write the numeric place value

Write the place value of underlined digits

Write the place value in words

Count the beads on abacus and write the number

Count the beads and write the number and number names

Form the numbers from given place value

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