Alphabet Worksheets Infograph


Learn the modern English Alphabets which forms the backbone of the language English. These Alphabets have originated from the Latin script. There are 26 letters starting from A to Z. Children need to recognize each letter and should also know their pronunciation. Each letter has a unique sound. Both Uppercase and Lower case letters… Read More »

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Counting and Cardinality Worksheets

Teach your children the difference between counting and cardinality. Read the content below to make it simple

Counting and Cardinality Worksheets given in this website teaches the basic concept in a simple and understandable way. Place five(5) objects on a table. Now start counting, one, two, three, four and five. So Counting is actually calling the numbers in its order. Cardinality is the total number of objects in the table. In what… Read More »

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Do your kids have the ability to recognize patterns?

Patterns are a particular way in which something is done or happens. So here we teach children to make predections based on the observations they make. Patterns of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and objects are taught in a simple way by using charts, worksheets, and activities. These activities are absolutely engaging and kids would… Read More »

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