Teach your children the difference between counting and cardinality. Read the content below to make it simple

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Counting and Cardinality Worksheets given in this website teaches the basic concept in a simple and understandable way.

Place five(5) objects on a table. Now start counting, one, two, three, four and five. So Counting is actually calling the numbers in its order.

Cardinality is the total number of objects in the table. In what ever order the objects are arranged or you count it reverse, the number of objects does not change. Thus, cardinality is the ability of the child to understand the last number of that set, which is 5.

Take a look at our counting and cardinality worksheets. All the worksheets are free for download.


Counting and Cardinaliity Counting and Cardinaliity Counting and Cardinaliity

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Counting and Cardinality Worksheets

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