Alphabet Worksheets Infograph


Learn the modern English Alphabets which forms the backbone of the language English. These Alphabets have originated from the Latin script. There are 26 letters starting from A to Z. Children need to recognize each letter and should also know their pronunciation. Each letter has a unique sound. Both Uppercase and Lower case letters… Read More »

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Do you know the simple method to record the scores in a game? How do we organize and interpret that data? The most simple method is Tally Marks. Tally marks are an easy way to represent information. Now, to find out the score, you just need to count the tally marks of both the teams… Read More »

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Skip Counting, as the name implies is just to skip numbers and continue counting over and over using a same number, following a rule (the number used for counting). Except for the number 1, all the other integers can be used to skip count. Here, in these Skip Counting worksheets children will learn to skip… Read More »

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