2 – Dimensional Shapes


What is the shape of a Clock?

What is the shape of a window?

What is the shape of a nut?

To know the shape of all these objects, download the 2- Dimensional shapes worksheets given below.


2d basic shapes 2 D standard shapes 2D real life objects

The common
shapes of a clocks are circle, oval, triangle,
or square.

The Windows are
generally square or rectangle.

Nuts are
hexagon in shape.

The other 2
Dimensional shapes are star, heart, rhombus, parallelogram,
trapezoid, pentagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon. Charts here
show the figures of all the above mentioned shapes for better
understanding. It is only after a clear knowledge on 2D shapes we
shall start to learn the 3D shapes. Most of the objects we use in our
daily life are 3D objects.

Here in these
2D worksheets, children will first learn the properties of each shape
which helps them to identify without any confusion. Properties
describe about the sides, angles, vertices, diagonals and many more.
Once they learn the properties, the activities given here are easy to
follow. Ample coloring, matching and cutting-glueing activities can
be easily downloaded. Print all these free worksheets for practice.

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Shapes Worksheets

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