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Geometry worksheets help the students to learn the area of geometric shapes. These worksheets is specially designed for Grade 3  to Grade 5. This page includes area of triangle, area of circle, area of square, area of rectangle and also area of quadrilaterals. Different set of problems are available here for students. 

Area Worksheets

The area of triangles worksheets help the students to find area of triangle in both customary and metric units. It also includes the different types of triangles. 

In this geometry worksheets, students learn to find the area of circle. The huge collection of worksheets available here for free download.

Download free printable worksheets for practicing area of squares. Grade 3 students use this worksheets to find the area, diagonal and side length of the square.

Students practice the fun exercises to learn the area of rectangles. This page has a collection of free printable worksheets.

Browse printable free quadrilateral worksheets here. Students learn to find the area of quadrilateral by solving more problems.

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