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4-digit place value worksheets are for our grade 3 beginners. These worksheets help you to round numbers to the nearest ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. Also, fluently add and subtract numbers upto 9,999. Students can form numbers using the amount of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.

Take a number, say 4,593. This number has four thousands, 5 hundreds, 9 tens and 3 ones. 
We read this number as four thouand five hundred and ninty three
Therefore 4,593 = 4,000 + 500 + 90 + 3.

Add all the above given numbers. We get 4,593.

Over 45 worksheets in this section gives you abundant practice. All we need to do here is to fill in the blanks, match the following, answer multiple choice questions, form numbers, read numbers, identify the value of underlined digits  in a 4 digit number and many more exercises.


List of 4-digit place value worksheets

Count the dots and write the numeral

Form numbers with given place value

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