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These 3-digit  Place Value worksheets and activities are for Grade 2 learners. Let us make children understand that the 3 digits in a 3 digit number represents the amount of hundreds, tens and ones. 10 unit blocks make ‘tens’. Similarly, ten tens make a ‘hundred’. Let us look into an example.

Take a number 874. It is read as eight hundred and seventy four. How did you read so?
There are 8 hundreds, 7 tens and 4 ones in the above mentioned three digit number.
Place value understanding is most important for addition and subtraction.

On practising these worksheets, children would learn the place value worksheet of numbers from 100 to 999. You will learn to read numbers, count hundreds, tens, and ones using blocks, form three digit numbers, write numbers in expanded and compact form, find place value of underlined digits, and you can also enjoy a few activities here.

Quick links to the 3-digit place value worksheets / pdf

Count the dots and write the numeral

Write the place value of underlined digits

Express the given number in words

Write the numbers shown on abacus

Write the numbers shown on abacus(words and figures)

Fill in with equivalent place value

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