Why do we round up numbers?

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1.We always round up numbers to make figures easy.

Eg. 10/3 = 3.3333. Rounding numbers to the nearest whole number 3 makes this number easy to understand.

2. Rounding numbers makes them simpler to use.

Eg. 3.33333. Is it easy to multiply 3.33333 x 5 or just 3 x 5. The latter is much easy compared to the former multiplication. We can easily write the ans as 15. But they are slightly less accurate.

3. For a considerably larger number, you need to round the number as they are comparitively much small.

Eg. Consider a large number 9,835,300.65. The value 0.65 is extremely small considered to the the neighbouring numbers (9,835,300). Here there is no need to worry about the accuracy as the value after decimal dot is comparitively small.

To make this topic simple we have special charts and rules to be followed wen we round numbers.


Rounding Numbers Charts Rounding Numbers - Nearest Tens

Rounding Numbers - Nearest Hundreds Rounding Numbers - Nearest Thousand

In these free printable worksheets we will learn to round whole numbers and decimal numbers. Whole numbers will be rounded to the nearest tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Eg. Round 35 and 48 to the nearest tens.

  1. Consider the last number. If the number lies between 1 to 4, then we need to round down the value. Hence 35 is rounded to 30.
  2. In case of 48, we need to round up. So numbers which lie between 5 to 9 need to be rounded up. Hence 48 is rounded to 50.

The same rules are applicable when you round numbers to the nearest hundreds and thousands.

All decimal numbers will be rounded to the nearest tenth, hundreth, and thousandth.

Eg. Round 36.52 and 75.36 to the nearest tenth.

  1. Look at the last number. If the number lies between 1 to 5, just leave the last number and the rounded number become 36.5
  2. In case of 75.36, the number lies between 5 to 9. So 36 will be rounded to 40 and the number would be written as 75.4 after rounding.

Follow the same rule for rounding numbers to the nearest hundreth and thousandth.

To know more about decimals Download our Decimal Worksheets.


Various other worksheets to practice these concepts are also give.

Rounding money worksheets are also included. Skills on Rounding Cents and Dollars are given. Download all our free worksheets for unlimited practice.

Rounding numbers

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