Do you all know why Place value is extremely important and taught right from the kindergarten?

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Well, before I enter into the Place value concept, we all need to make sure that your kids learn Numbers and Number Names.

Number Charts upto 5 Number Names Charts

The link given below has numerous charts and activities to learn numbers and number names in a simple way. Counting and Cardinality is also emphasized here. Print these charts and paste them to help recall.

How do you understand Place value after learning numbers

Suppose you give $ 382 to your child. How will he/ she know that he/ she has 3 Hundreds, 80 Tens and 2 Ones? Now let it be $ 31. So what is the position of number 3 here? Its 3 Tens. Thus, the position of a digit in a number is very important to determine its value.

6 digit place value chart 6 digit place value chart

Using the International system of charts, you can determine the place value of a single digit number to any large number. This topic can be difficult for young learners but we are here to teach this concept in simple and lucid way using various resourses.

So now children should start to learn Place values to understand the value of each digit in a number. Lets get started. We shall start to learn them using Place value Charts.

Place Value 2 digit 2 digit PV worksheets

3 Digit Place Value 3 digit PV worksheets

4 Digit Place Value 4 digit PV worksheets

5 Digit Place Value 5 digit PV worksheets

One example is done for you in each set of worksheets. Follow the instructions to practice all our free worksheets. Make the best use of them.

Large- Digit Place value worksheets:
Below is the link for 6- digit Place value worksheets. Once you start practicing them, another important concept called scientific notation comes to place.

6 digit place value 6 digit place value worksheets
Thus, large digit place value allows students to learn scientific notation. Eg
78,400,000 can be represented as 7.84 x 107.