Number Names for Kindergarten

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Here we are to teach your kids the easiest way to learn Number names. No wonder after learning numbers from our Number Charts and English Alphabets using our free printable worksheets, Number names would be just be stealing a candy from a baby.

Click on our Number names charts link shown above to learn number names. Here you can download our Display charts and paste them in your kids study room or play area. Seperate Number charts upto 5, 10, 20 and 100 are displayd for reference. You can download it one click. Also, Counting and Cardinality concept is explained in detail in the first few charts. For more Cardinality worksheets click the link shown below.

An interesting Ones & Tens Chart and Tens & Hundreds Chart actually forms the base to learn Number Names. Without learning the Place Value of numbers, writing number names is difficult. Thus click the links given below to learn Place Value of Numbers.

Toghether learning Place Value and Number Names is the best mehod to learn both the topics.

Finally, engage your kids with the activities like cuting, pasting, matching and missing letters. By now kids would have learnt Numbers. Alphabets, Number Names, Counting and Cardinality and Place Value.


Number Names Worksheets