How do we sort and order numbers?

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Its just by ascending and descending the numbers given. In this topic, children would learn to compare and order numbers using the place value concept of numbers.

Ordering Numbers - Puzzle Ordering Numbers Ordering numbers

Numbers are either written form the smallest or the least to the biggest or the greatest.

Having learnt to compare numbers in the previous topic, this assortment of numbers are much easy for children. For those who missed to view the comparing numbers worksheets, follow the link given below.

Comparing Numbers Comparing Numbers Comparing Numbers

Consider a list of five numbers. You need to compare these numbers to order them. Comparing small digit numbers are simple. But as the digits increase, the place value of digits needs to be analysed. The increase in the number of digits, the increase in its value. Compare 643 and 673.

Both the numbers have 6 hundreds. then compare the tens place, its 40 and 70. Now 7 is bigger than 4. So the greatest number is 673. Similarly, when a group of numbers are given, find the place value of each digit to compare them. For more place value worksheets follow the link given below.

Thus on knowing place value, sorting numbers from least to greatest and viceversa would become child’s play. Remember, ascending and descending are just opposite words.

Here in these ordering worksheets, we have a cut- paste activity. In the other worksheets, kids need to sort numbers in ascending order and descending order. Practice pages start from 1 digit number through 5-digit numbers. The most interesting pages are the number puzzles. Children need to find the hidden image by sorting numbers as instructed. Suitable for grade 1 through grade 4. Download our comparing and ordering numbers worksheets for free. More than 80 worksheets available.

What is ascending order?

Ordering or arranging numbers from the least or the smallest to the greatest or the biggest is called ascending order.

What is descending order?

Ordering or arranging numbers from the greatest or the biggest to the least or the smallest is called descending order. This is just opposite to ascending numbers

Why do you compare numbers?

You compare and order numbers to find the biggest number and smallest number.

How to order numbers?

Depending the place value of numbers we order numbers. Eg, Consider the following numbers:
12, 5,672, 439, 23, 68,553
Place value of numbers:
12- 2 at ones place, and 1 at tens place (10 + 2)
5672- 2 at ones place, 7 at tens place, 6 at hundreds place, and 5 at thousands place (5000 + 600+ 70 + 2)
439- 9 at ones place, 3 at tens place and 9 at hundreds place (400 + 30 + 9)
23- 3 at ones place and, 2 at tens place (20 + 3)
68,553- 3 at ones place, 5 at tens place, 5 at hundreds place, 8 at thousands place, and 6 at ten thousands place. (60000 + 8000 + 500 + 50 + 3)

Ordering Numbers

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