Familiar with Place Value of whole numbers?

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If yes, our next topic is Place value of decimal numbers which most of us forget to learn or just ignore. So, let us here completely discuss place value of decimal numbers.


The value of digits in a whole number starts from ones. Ten ones become tens. Ten tens become a hundred and so on. Thus, value starts from one and continues as tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions, and so on.

Similarly, for a decimal number the place value starts from tenths. It is called tenths because it is one tenth, that is 1/10 or 0.1. Tenths are followed by hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths, hundred thousandths, millionths, and so on.

How to properly read a decimal number and write it in words:

Place Value Chart

We will use the chart shown above to read decimals with reference to their place values. The examples given below explain representing and writing decimal numbers in words.

S.No Decimal Number Representation In words
1 0.5 5 / 10 Five tenths
2 2.9 9 / 10 Two and nine tenths
3 31.56 56 / 100 Thirty one and fifty six hundredths
4 748.431 431 / 1000 Seven hundred fourty eight and four hundred thirty one thousandths
5 57.6349 6249 / 10 Fifty seven and six thousand three hundred fourty nine ten thousands

By now, you must be familiar to read and write decimal numbers. Concepts of rounding numbers are included in these free printable worksheets. For more Rounding worksheets, download it using the following link.


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