Pictograph Infograph

Pictographs – Pictorial representation of numerical data

Learn the interpretation of numerical data using Pictographs. Pictographs or picture graphs or simply pictogram is a method to represent data using pictures and symbols. A key is given in pictographs to describe what each picture stands for and also the numerical value assigned to it. Generally it answers the question ‘how many’. http://mathfunworksheets.com/pictographs/ Why… Read More »

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Ordering Numbers

How do we sort and order numbers?

Its just by ascending and descending the numbers given. In this topic, children would learn to compare and order numbers using the place value concept of numbers. http://mathfunworksheets.com/ordering-numbers/ Numbers are either written form the smallest or the least to the biggest or the greatest. Having learnt to compare numbers in the previous topic, this assortment… Read More »

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Comparing Numbers

Complete lockdown. Don’t know how to engage your kids? We have something interesting today. A new simple topic.

Engage your kids during lockdown. How many of you know if your kids have started recognizing numbers? Its only when they learn to compare numbers. Recognizing numbers starts with finding the similarity and dissimilarity between them. Compare Numbers using the greater than (>), lesser than (<), and equal to symbol. Click on the link given… Read More »

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Number Names Worksheets

Number Names for Kindergarten

Here we are to teach your kids the easiest way to learn Number names. No wonder after learning numbers from our Number Charts and English Alphabets using our free printable worksheets, Number names would be just be stealing a candy from a baby. http://mathfunworksheets.com/number-charts/ http://mathfunworksheets.com/number-names-charts/ http://mathfunworksheets.com/alphabets/ Click on our Number names charts link shown above… Read More »

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