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Do you know to split a triangle into a hexagon and 3 triangles?

Let me show you how to do this.

Compose and Decompose shapes

Now can use 2 rhombuses and 2 triangles to form a hexagon?

Compose and Decompose shapes

This is how its done.

Observe all the images given above. The former is called decomposing, that is to split or break shapes and the later is called composing, that is to combine or join shapes. In this section, let us make use of these worksheets to compose and decompose different two- dimensional shapes, three- dimensional shapes and composite shapes. A must topic to deal with, when homeschooling kids.

Concepts on fractions, proportions, area, and perimeter are easily understood when you know to compose and decompose standard shapes. You can do it in a number of ways. The more creative your kids are the more ways they discover to split and combine shapes. These worksheets and activities certainly enlighten and boost your kids brain. Worksheets have been carefully prepared for elementary kids (Grade K through Grade 3) according to common core standards.

All free printable worksheets are available in PDF format. Easy to print and practice. Download them all using the link given above.

Also, before getting into this topic, make sure kids are familiar with 2- D shapes and 3- D shapes. Use the link given below to download charts and worksheets on 2- D and 3- D shapes. You will learn the properties of shapes here.



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